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How can we do better?

Educational and social development go hand in hand at SMS. Our tailored focus on Catholic values, academics and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here. 

We're always interested in ideas of how to improve what we do well and fix things we could do better. Use this submission form as a confidential virtual suggestion box.  The message will be received by the Advisory Committee's Marketing Chairperson and reviewed by the Advisory Committee.

*You may elect to leave your name off, but the most effective ideas and compliments are ones on which you're willing to identify yourself.  It helps us follow up... and give credit where credit is due.

NOTE:  Personnel and disciplinary issues cannot be submitted using this form and should only be addressed to the principal or the Parish office.  Specific academic performance/grading concerns also are not appropriate for the Virtual Suggestion Box and must be brought up to the educator involved.

Virtual compliment or suggestion form

Mission Statement

St. Mary School is a community called to be disciples of Jesus and dedicated to the development of each student’s faith and academic life.